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Dr. Najeeb Video Lectures Part 5
03-21-2012, 07:19 AM
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Dr. Najeeb Video Lectures Part 5
[Image: drngraphic.jpg]

Dr. Najeeb Video Lectures Part 5

18. Dr. Najeeb Part 5 - Neuroanatomy & Neurophysiology / 12.73 GB
19. Dr. Najeeb Part 5 - Respiratory Physiology / 4.05 GB

Dr. Najeeb has been passionately teaching Basic & Clinical Medical Sciences for the last 22 years.
He teaches all the Basic Medical Sciences like Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Histology, Neuro-Sciences, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Immunology, Microbiology and also Internal Medicine.
Dr Najeeb has a video library of more than 400 hours all created by himself.
He is regularly recording more video lectures and expanding his video library. fileserve.com
He Strongly Believes: "Lasting Knowledge Results from Clear Concepts"
As a result, he has spent years developing a proven program that will not only help you achieve higher grades in your examinations, but will also place solid foundations for your on-going medical education.

This program consists of a series of video lectures that explain in detail and help you visualize complex medical concepts, through use of thousands of hand drawn diagrams.

The videos are interactive and fun to watch, so that you don't have to spend hours memorizing!

18. Dr. Najeeb Part 4 - Neuroanatomy & Neurophysiology | 12.73 GB
Genre: eLearning

Aphasia & Dysprosody 1.flv
Aphasia & Dysprosody 2.flv
Aphasia & Dysprosody 3.flv
Auditory System 1.flv
Auditory System 2.flv
Auditory System 3.flv
Basal Nuclei 1.flv
Basal Nuclei 2.flv
Basal Nuclei 3.flv
Blood Supply to Brain 1.flv
Blood Supply to Brain 2.flv
Brain Stem (Basic Concepts) 1.flv
Brain Stem (Basic Concepts) 2.flv
Brain Stem (Basic Concepts) 3.flv
Cerebellum 1.flv
Cerebellum 2.flv
Cerebellum 3.flv
Cranial Nerves (Basic Concepts) 1.flv
Cranial Nerves (Basic Concepts) 2.flv
Cranial Nerves (Basic Concepts) 3.flv
CSF & Ventricular System 1.flv
CSF & Ventricular System 2.flv
CSF & Ventricular System 3.flv
CSF & Ventricular System 4.flv
CSF & Ventricular System 5.flv
Diencephalon 1.flv
Diencephalon 2.flv
Epilepsy 1.flv
Epilepsy 2.flv
Epilepsy 3.flv
Epilepsy 4.flv
Facial Nerve 1.flv
Facial Nerve 2.flv
Glossopharyngeal & Vagus Nerves.flv
Hypothalamus 1.flv
Hypothalamus 2.flv
Hypothalamus 3.flv
Hypothalamus 4.flv
Introduction to Neuroanatomy 1.flv
Introduction to Neuroanatomy 2.flv
Medulla 1.flv
Medulla 2.flv
Medulla 3.flv
Medulla 4.flv
Meninges 1.flv
Meninges 2.flv
Midbrain 1.flv
Midbrain 2.flv
Motor System & Descending Tracts 1.flv
Motor System & Descending Tracts 2.flv
Motor System & Descending Tracts 3.flv
Oculomotor Nerve Palsies.flv
Pons 1.flv
Pons 2.flv
Sensory System & Ascending Tracts 1.flv
Sensory System & Ascending Tracts 2.flv
Sensory System & Ascending Tracts 3.flv
Sensory System & Ascending Tracts 4.flv
Spinal Cord & Its Lesions 1.flv
Spinal Cord & Its Lesions 2.flv
Spinal Cord & Its Lesions 3.flv
Thalamus 1.flv
Thalamus 2.flv
Trigeminal System 1.flv
Trigeminal System 2.flv
Trigeminal System 3.flv
Trochlear & Abducent Nerve Palsies.flv
Upper & Lower Motor Neurons & Their Lesions 1.flv
Upper & Lower Motor Neurons & Their Lesions 2.flv
Upper & Lower Motor Neurons & Their Lesions 3.flv
Vestibular System 1.flv
Vestibular System 2.flv
Vestibular System 3.flv
Visual System 1.flv
Visual System 2.flv
Visual System 3.flv
Visual System 4.flv
Visual System 5.flv

19. Dr. Najeeb Part 4 - Respiratory Physiology | 4.05 GB
Genre: eLearning

Assessing Pulmonary Function.flv
Carbon-dioxide Transport.flv
Hypoxia 1.flv
Hypoxia 2.flv
Lung Mechanics 1.flv
Lung Mechanics 2.flv
Lung Volumes & Capacities 1.flv
Lung Volumes & Capacities 2.flv
Oxygen Transport 1.flv
Oxygen Transport 2.flv
Oxygen Transport 3.flv
Pulmonary Circulation 1.flv
Pulmonary Circulation 2.flv
Pulmonary Circulation 3.flv
Pulmonary Circulation 4.flv
Regulation of Respiration 1.flv
Regulation of Respiration 2.flv
Respiration at High Altitude 1.flv
Respiration at High Altitude 2.flv
Respiration in Exercise.flv
Surface Tension & Role of Surfactant.flv
Ventilation Perfusion Ratio 1.flv
Ventilation Perfusion Ratio 2.flv

I am always adding new things, so check this account often.

[Image: 32115531.png]

Buy premium account and you can download up to 100 Mbps / Unlimited maximum parallel downloads / Instant download without waiting

Only registered members can see this link.

Thank you's are appreciated!

[Image: 2944671.png]
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