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Unseen Titanic (Pictures)
04-10-2012, 02:41 PM
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Unseen Titanic (Pictures)

At 2:20 a.m. on April 15, 1912, the “unsinkable” R.M.S. Titanic disappeared beneath the waves, taking with her 1,500 souls. One hundred years later, new technologies have revealed the most complete—and most intimate—images of the famous wreck.


[Image: 02-port-bow-titanic-670.jpg]
More than two miles down, the ghostly bow of the Titanic emerges from the darkness on a dive by explorer and filmmaker James Cameron in 2001. The ship might have survived a head-on collision with an iceberg, but a sideswipe across her starboard side pierced too many of her watertight compartments.

[Image: 03-propellers-of-the-olympic-670.jpg]
The propellers of the Olympic—the nearly identical sister ship of the Titanic—dwarf workers at the Belfast shipyard where both ocean liners were built. Few photographs exist of the Titanic, but the Olympic gives a sense of its grand design.

[Image: 04-titanic-mangled-stern-670.jpg]
With her rudder cleaving the sand and two propeller blades peeking from the murk, Titanic’s mangled stern rests on the abyssal plain, 1,970 feet south of the more photographed bow. This optical mosaic combines 300 high-resolution images taken on a 2010 expedition.

[Image: 08-bow-downlooking-670.jpg]
Ethereal views of Titanic’s bow offer a comprehensiveness of detail never seen before. The optical mosaics each consist of 1,500 high-resolution images rectified using sonar data.

[Image: 07-bow-starboard-profile-670.jpg]
As the starboard profile shows, the Titanic buckled as it plowed nose-first into the seabed, leaving the forward hull buried deep in mud—obscuring, possibly forever, the mortal wounds inflicted by the iceberg.

[Image: 09-stern-starboard-profile-670.jpg]
Titanic’s battered stern, captured here in profile, bears witness to the extreme trauma inflicted upon it as it corkscrewed to the bottom.

[Image: 10-stern-down-looking-670.jpg]
Titanic’s battered stern is captured overhead here. Making sense of this tangle of metal presents endless challenges to experts. Says one, “If you’re going to interpret this stuff, you gotta love Picasso.”

[Image: 12-engine-profile-670.jpg]
Two of Titanic’s engines lie exposed in a gaping cross section of the stern. Draped in “rusticles”—orange stalactites created by iron-eating bacteria—these massive structures, four stories tall, once powered the largest moving man-made object on Earth.

[Image: 01-porthole-artifact-670.jpg]
This porthole is among more than 5,500 objects retrieved from the ocean floor around the wreck of the Titanic. Steel hull plates flexed on impact with the seabed, popping out the rigid portholes.

[Image: 05-sterling-silver-pocket-watch-670.jpg]
A gentleman’s pocket watch in a sterling silver case may have been set to New York time in anticipation of a safe arrival.

[Image: 06-felted-rabbit-fur-bowler-hat-670.jpg]
A hat of felted rabbit fur likely belonged to a businessman. In an era when dress defined the man, the bowler marked the professional class.

[Image: 11-platinum-ring-set-670.jpg]
A platinum ring set with diamonds was found in a leather pouch. Women sparkled in such jewels at the ship’s fancy social events.

[Image: 13-william-henry-allens-boots-670.jpg]
These boots lay in the leather suitcase of 35-year-old toolmaker William Henry Allen. Like many third-class passengers, he did not survive.


Source: NationalGeographic

Best regards,

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04-12-2012, 11:45 AM
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sir ung titanic film po ba is totoong nangyari? i mean ung story between the characters?
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04-15-2012, 03:49 PM (This post was last modified: 04-15-2012 03:51 PM by chirogan.)
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(04-12-2012 11:45 AM)nhuggetz Wrote: Register to forum by clicking here to see links.sir ung titanic film po ba is totoong nangyari? i mean ung story between the characters?

totoong Story daw po iyon. though ang highlight lang ng movie is yung Love Story ni Jack at Rose. at yung palubog ng Titanic Ship

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